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Signs of the Zodiac explained by Big Dipper Bill

*You bet your As-terisms you can find the constellations

It doesn’t matter if your driving in unfamiliar territory, dissecting digestive glands in a dog in anatomy class - or searching for stars in the skies above , it is imperative to quickly search for and learn relatively easy to find “landmarks”.

For our purposes of naked-eye astronomy, asterisms are our landmarks. As you know to “turn left at the stop sign”, you can “look slightly east of the Big Dipper” for instance.

Here is a very PARTIAL list:

  • Big Dipper AKA Charlie's Wain (Wagon) Ursa Major
  • Little Ursa Minor
  • Orion's belt..........3 stars in Orion....
  • Orion's sword......3 different stars in Orion
  • The Sagittarius ...complete with steam!
  • The Great Square.........4 stars in Pegasus
  • The Summer Triangle......Vega / Deneb / Altair
  • The Winter Triangle.....Sirius, Procyon, Betelgeuse
  • The Winter Hexagon.....Sirius, Procyon, Pollux, Capella, Aldebaron, Rigel
  • Cats eyes ..... in Scorpius
  • Hyades ......V shape in Taurus
  • Pleiades..... “Seven Sisters” like a tiny dipper in Taurus / also Subaru’s symbol
  • Andromeda Galaxy ....3 / 3 off the Great Square
  • Bikini Bottom ....... Capricornus outline
  • Circlet of Pisces ....... pentagon in Pisces
  • The Keystone ....... 4 stars in Hercules
  • Mercedes-Benz Symbol , AKA The Water Jar /
  • Urn ..... Y in Aquarius
  • Northern Cross ..... in Cygnus the Swan
  • The Sickle ...... in Leo
  • Venus’ Mirror, AKA The Saucepan, AKA The Pot Orion (belt & sword combo)

Awesome Constellation encounters with Big Dipper Bill

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Awesome Constellation encounters with Big Dipper Bill

As seen by guests at the exclusive 5-Star Little Palm Island Resort & Spa

This is an elaborate MOBILE presentation of the universe which can be done at a variety of locations (home, boat, campground, etc.)

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