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The Zodiac : ‘A Stellar -Sports- Stadium’

Zodiac display

The centerpiece of Immortal Illuminations of Islands in the Sky is a captivating, candle lit display of the 12 Zodiac Constellations which elaborately surrounds our own scaled solar system.

Each of these Zodiac Constellation Plaques are stunning color reprints originally created in the early 1800’s , but painstakingly ‘modernized’ with the addition of luminescent (glow in the dark) stars in their astronomically proper positions.

As an analogy, these 12 constellations represent an educational ‘Stellar - Sports - Stadium’ , with all the ‘players’ on the level playing field being our own sun, the 9 planets, and all their moons !

Coupled with easy to follow, engrossing as well as entertaining, guidance from ‘Big Dipper’ Bill, this display is certain to leave a life long impression on all stargazers!

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"Incredible experience, the zodiac demonstration blew my mind!"

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